DONATIVITY #1: Plant the Creativity seed

What?, How?, When? and Where? we’re gonna do it!

The industrial revolution took place in English pubs, with all kinds of social classes, in an uninhibited and relaxed environment, for the moment nothing new under the sun, if we analyze that fact from a current point of view is a big data instead of computers and algorithms, with human brains.

That is what this session is intended to be, following the steps described below. We will gather in the restaurant “Batavia (Healthy food)” with a pleasant atmosphere and that you listen to a series of obviousness ones after the other, to plant the seed of creativity in your brains, some will know them, others will have forgotten them and will have them in the foreground again and with a little luck for someones will be new.

One of the main objectives is to live the experience and spend a pleasant time disconnected from time, make new friends, share passions recovering an old way of creating new connections that unfortunately is being lost.

¿ Beer or coffee?

I will explain what physical effects these two drinks produce in our brain and their relationship with the world of ideas after their ingestion. For the abstainers we will have kombucha tea.

Problem or Challenge? What do you prefer?

When we hear the word “problem” our brain is automatically put in negative mode, however if we change it to “challenge” magic arises, the brain is put in positive mode ready for battle.

We will tell a way of doing a simple and easy brainstorming to try to turn the problems we face into challenges, the challenge will be provided by the federation Pinardi.



If chance, beer, wine or kombucha tea (2 maximum not to reach the exaltation of friendship) allow it, some of the attendees may have achieved a new neural connection and want to share it with all of us or simply if you would like to contribute something can do so. Event attendees can feel free to leave their name, email and challenges on an excell spreadsheet and then create collaborative slack channels.

Organizers and Sponsors


When and where?

See you next Tuesday, October 9th 2018 at the restaurant BATAVIA located in the Sagasta 18 at 19:00